Family Business Consulting

We create an environment where family businesses can thrive. Family businesses run into many challenges and have a variety of needs necessary to help manage and grow their business, while still maintaining healthy relationships.

They key to a strong family business is not only understanding how to run a business, it’s understanding the complexity of how family emotions play a part in its development. Family run businesses are unique, which is why our services are tailored to each client differently.

With over 25 years of experience consulting with families, family offices, and family businesses on the financial side of business planning, succession planning, and estate planning, we have expanded our focus to also work with families on a personal level in these areas, in addition to conflict resolution, entry & exit strategy, and family business governance. We at Cortland Consulting have found that these core services are the backbone to running a healthy and prosperous family business:

Conflict Resolution

Conflict is practically inevitable in a family business. That is why we adhere to the widely used method DESC-Describe, Express, Specify, and Consequences. This method works to resolve conflict within your family enterprise so that you can maintain a healthy and happy work environment.

Entry and Exit Strategy

A clean entry and exit strategy can carry a lot of weight on a person. We are here every step of the way to help you plan how your business will be cared for in the future, and who you will entrust your business with when you are ready to pass it on.

Family Business Governance

Family business governance is an essential part of ensuring fairness and order in your enterprise. We help you build the formal structures and processes that are needed to manage a successful organization.

Family Councils

A family council allows important topics to be openly discussed in a comfortable environment. We help build family councils that bring all voices together to avoid conflicts that can damage family businesses and relationships.

Family Creed

A family creed outlines your business’ core values and vision. It should include attainable standards that your family can remain committed to and honor. The creed can also serve as a guide when decisions need to be made, so that all agreements circle back to the values of the creed.