What We Bring to Clients

At Cortland Valuation Group, we understand that valuations are used for a variety of purposes and that, as a business owner and/or senior management team member, you often have time and resource constraints making the valuation process appear challenging. The CVG senior team plays a hands-on role in working with you to minimize the time required of you as we fulfill your valuation requirements. We often work directly with your other advisors to ensure the process operates efficiently.

Deep Industry Ties
  • Thorough understanding of strategic plans and objectives
  • Strong connections to lender and financing groups for optimizing capital structure and maximizing shareholder value
  • Development and management of M&A strategy and process
  • Relationships with audit firms and lenders across the US
High Caliber Analytics
  • Proven analytical models accepted by key constituents
  • Detailed reports thoughtfully explaining and supporting model assumptions with observable market data
  • Graphical evidence for the reasonableness of value conclusions (in the context of relevant markets)
Strong Credentials
  • Senior team members actively participate in national conferences and maintain memberships in key associations
  • Focus on development and training throughout the organization
  • Team members hold key credentials including CFA, ASA, MBA, Ph. D.

CVG has in-depth knowledge of regulatory requirements and a deep understanding of the inherent financial and legal factors involved. We have extensive experience with the Fair Value standard and analysis under US and International Accounting Standards for public financial reporting purposes. In the context of the Fair Market Value standard, we are recognized as Qualified Appraisers under the requirements of the IRS, providing Qualified Appraisals for tax planning and compliance purposes.

Our process and approach to valuation minimizes your required time and our solid reports with proven analytics reduce engagement length by expediting the review process. Our process results in lower costs to you, our client.